the new folk implosion (expanded)

by new folk implosion

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released in 2003 , the final Folk Implosion album, minus founding member John Davis ..this expanded version features 11 unreleased outtakes from the album sessions..


released December 20, 2012

bass and vocals: lou barlow guitar: Imaad Wasif drums: Russell Pollard
full credits for each song appear in accompanying images..



all rights reserved


new folk implosion Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: fuse
through the water from the sky
on the wind or in our minds
what is there for me to do
find my way back home to you

before the autumn air turns black
before the angry men attack
together when the sky falls through
a flash of red , i'll fuse with you

fuse with you, i'm dying too
running to your side
now it's here, the pain the fear
the fall have all arrived
a kiss goodbye

in the city unprepared
run and hide stand and stare
buildings crumble in my head
wave a flag, raise the dead
money fuels the fires of war
only love worth dying for
together when the sky falls through
a flash of red, i'll fuse with you

we're all the same, running from the flames
we're on our way, don't you feel it
the air will ring, the end of everything
we're on our way, don't you feel it
we're all the same , don't they feel it

we're on our way..
Track Name: brand of skin
what brand of skin do you occupy
who is that smile on your face
where is the hole for the sands of time
smiling leaving lines upon my face

did comfort kill the curiosity
the safety fail to engage
said i was empty why you shaking me
are you too angry to be saved
oh, no

what brand of skin do you occupy
what is left of us now
in the end let the money decide
get too deep we may drown

harmony's gone, the rhythm remains
Track Name: pearl
pearl listen to me now , i'm about to bring it down
there are things i need to tell you that can't wait
i've been doubting in my sleep , there are secrets i keep
maybe in the end i'll find a way to stay
but pearl it don't feel that way today
it wasn't long ago, i was down upon my knees
begging you to change your mind again
you were tired of trying to love and had put yourself above me
you tried to leave but pearl i don't let go
that is until tonight , now i know

there's a world outside our window, there's the mystery of desire
i could wait to make you happen
i could set this house on fire

listen now, i'm about to bring it down
are we meant to be, i'll ask again
as i wait for your reply , hear the traffic passing by
tomorrow i'll be far away from here
pearl, i'll be far away from here

through the world outside our window
though you're all that i desire
i couldn't make you happen
but i'll set this world on fire
Track Name: releast
give your heart to a stranger, turn your back on a friend
walk away unafraid of the end
hang the day on a promise , breaking overhead
the pieces fall, they haven't cut me yet
dare me to watch your moon disappear into a trembling night
the end could feel alright

through a window, open every door
no use holding on
go on into, go all of you, let me be, let me be

now you are a stranger, we'll never talk again
but you're everywhere all we could have been
and whatever i hoped to find , the answer or the perfect lie
i let it pass me by

we share the pain, some rise again
let me be, let me be
Track Name: end of henley
beauty wood, henley could, the dream was everywhere he looked
saw a machine in a perfect girl, a factory of static in her eyes
light a fire, on the phone, we can talk all night about the way to control
all the pain of the fame, you don't own
and the world we hold

are you rich enough, are you still in love, did it fade away or stand?
did you open up, self destruct, feel it leave your hands
choose your crutch, lose your touch
wait till we break or divide

i'm the poet understood who knew he would be , an eagle on a laminated sky
with your faith betrayed, bring it home
thru the hall of the fame...

are you rich enough, are you still in love, did it fade away or stand?
( do what you will)
did you open up, self destruct, feel it leave your hands
(do you want mine ) (are you holding on )
choose your crutch, lose your touch
hold me to break or divide

i know your good i sing your song
i need to know you feel it..(don)
you stole the soul, we're taking it back..
(with a rifle)
Track Name: coral
hit the shore again the climb
morning sun I'm pale and blind,
water too familiar, too wet
slower than the tide
i've fallen back on it.

i may hide in the coral
undersea, one more night
going deeper tomorrow
shed my wings learn to fall

breathing water getting old
i long for legs , arms to hold
my blood is cold
my habits like a net
every day i race the tide
with every burning breath
closer i get
to falling back on it

all my life
im floating unknowing that i will evolve
Track Name: creature of salt
did what i could and it wasn't enough and everything isn't OK
nothing that hard word or patience could carry away
i didn't break what's already broken
i'm only a part of the blame
but i offer myself all the guilt and regret just the same

go easy on me, i'm a creature of salt
dissolving in front of your eyes
it's easy for me to say it's my fault
than call you you or carry you home

don't be mistaken it's not from compassion
it's only a part of my plan
to fade away follow, do just as little i can
faith in a vacuum disguised as a virtue
somebody needs to, i'll never tell you
i'm all condescension, saintly pretension, a lie

go easy in me, i;m a creature of salt
dissolving invisible now
it's easy for me to say it's my fault
involving no one but myself

i'm miles away
Track Name: easy
said i wouldn't do it, leave it alone
tried to ditch it, followed me right back home
after awhile i don't resist
i'm alive with a purpose my way down looking for it
and that's what i'm afraid of

when i finally hold it, arrive on the scene
the doors are open i can hardly breathe
like every guilty feeling i've forgotten before
three hours later i'm hungry for more
that's what i'm afraid of
i don't have the will to change
not when it's so easy, to be easy

resistance is low when i'm feeling bored
what i thought was fun isn't fun anymore
gravity pulls neither wrong or right
the moon is full, we're out of our heads
so let's do it again and feel allright
the fight is over for now
the fight is over
Track Name: refused
who made a mess of my life
went looking for blame and blame is all i find
no, i can't live that way
there are good ends , good friends to make it OK
but still i keep thinking of you, the things we'll never do
that we could have that we should have but you refused

1999 the last year, out of the cast like an actor who acted a nightmare
one revealing me
to be lost in the battle for the chemical that made the disease
but still keep thinking of you and the things i did not do
that i could have , that i should have but i refused

i refused to let you hurt me
you refused to let me hurt you
let me hurt you
Track Name: can't make a wrong thing right
revelation many layered , made a deal that made us lie
used a ball point like a razor
one misguided long goodbye

we can only be forgiven take it one last ride with me
can't make a wrong thing right
we can drown it in the river take it one last ride

metronome with time in line
put me to bed but let me climb
into your branches , through the clover
we get along till the water takes over

into the earth
carry me , pour it over me, get it out of me